Chowel Weldparts Inc. formed in 2005, is an automotive parts supplier in Crenshaw County, Alabama.  Chowel Weldparts makes the impact beams for all vehicles produced at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama in Montgomery.  As a manufacturer and distributor, Chowel Weldparts produces new resistance spot/projection welders, including inverter welders and controls, robotic weld guns, and nut/stud feeders.  These specialty resistance spot welders are built to customer specifications. 


We also offer used and rebuilt spot welders, and resistance welding fixtures and consumables including electrodes, cables and related items, weld controls, and weld monitors for sales, and provides on site service and tech support for spot welders and spot welding applications.     


We have been in operations in Michigan since 1999, and its Korean parent company has been in the welding business since it was formed in 1976.  We are recognized as a pioneer of high welding technology special machines for body assembly of automobiles, electronic apparatus and home appliances.  It has developed and patented hundreds of welding products.


12345 Elm Street
Luverne, AL  36049
(334) 335-3774